Letter: Sex education is a vital tool for growth

To the editor:

Kudos to The Eagle for your May 10 editorial on sex education in the public schools. For many years the Pittsfield public schools offered the LAMO (Learning About Myself and Others) program in the elementary schools. This brilliant course developed by Anne Nesbitt was designed for children and their parents to learn together. The trained educators guided information imparted to families in age appropriate steps. Not only were the children learning about human development, but the parents also. The program encouraged open communication between the generations, respect for one's own body, respect for others and values important to each family.

Teaching our children about growing up with an understanding of their bodies and how they mature is an important partnership between the schools and parents. Teaching children and parents early on about respect for differences can go a long way in nurturing young people to make wise decisions for themselves and give a greater understanding of others' feelings and differences.

The LAMO program provided a good basic structure that could easily be updated and made more relevant for issues facing our children today. With a good solid foundation laid out in the early years perhaps parents would be more receptive to the importance of sex education at the middle and high school levels.

Sex education is a vital tool for our children to grow up as healthy adults who respect themselves and others. Programs such as LAMO should accessible to everyone. Classes held at convenient times for working parents at no charge and perhaps even a bilingual option would certainly enhance inclusion.

It is my hope that our legislators would realize the benefits of giving our children the thorough education they need while including parents in the process.

Margery Metzger,



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