Letter: Shame on Walmart for discriminatory policy


To the editor:

My heart broke as I read the article "Walmart plans to drop greeters" (Eagle, Feb. 28). Walmart told greeters last week who have disabilities that their jobs will be cut as of April 26 and that the positions will be turned into a physically demanding role. "To qualify, they will need to be able to lift 25 pound (11-kilogram) packages, climb ladders and stand for long periods."

Walmart, which claims to be community-based and inclusive, is eliminating positions for the disabled. Shame on the higher-ups of the company who made the decision to eliminate greeters with disabilities. I hate to tell you, Walmart, but if you were truly "inclusive" you would not be eliminating these positions. For a business to be inclusive it means that you will accept employees with disabilities for who they are and what they are able to accomplish.

Walmart has employees who are in wheelchairs, have other physical disabilities and have worked for the company for years. Because of Walmart's heartless and thoughtless plan, it is taking dedicated employees and throwing them out like yesterday's trash simply because its new policy dictates that they would need to be able to lift, climb ladders and stand for long periods even though the company is well aware that their employees are physically unable to complete those tasks. Through the years, society has come so far in enriching disabled people's lives, but with one poor decision a well-known company has taken a step back in time.

The saddest part of all of this is that I am sure Walmart will encourage the people whom they have terminated to shop at its stores while not considering these individuals good enough to work for them. Walmart has truly turned into a very distasteful company!

Kelly Koperek,




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