Letter: Shocked by the loss of Anthony Bourdain

To the editor:

I guess I'm believing that only the good die young. Suicidal tragedy struck twice last week, accessories designer Kate Spade being the first. Unknown suffering was lurking behind vibrant smiles and successful personas.

Saying farewell now to Tony Bourdain, food writer, author, man of many talents who brought the world, its people and their food and culture to the masses. He wrote many fabulous travel books, notably the outstanding "Kitchen Confidential," chronicling the dark underbelly of the culinary world. There was the Emmy-winning "Parts Unknown" on CNN, and his last hilarious and insightful and best cookbook, "Appetites: A Cookbook" (2016).

He was someone who taught me, entertained me and inspired my love of creating good food. Bourdain was a once-in-a-lifetime gift!

I am celebrating that I was able to catch him in person, with several other local fans, at a gathering in Springfield several years ago. He was the real deal.

Shock does not describe my personal feelings of great loss. My hope is that he has found eternal peace.

Christine Jordan,



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