Letter: Skeptical about Jacob's Pillow incident

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To the editor:

I read Pamela Tatge's July 11 commentary "Jacob's Pillow dismayed by racism at gala" and was a little surprised that the paper printed this commentary without some skepticism.

I for one sincerely doubt that the people sitting behind this woman really touched her hair. Did they verbalize that her hair-style would affect their enjoyment of the performance? I have no doubt because more and more women, and that is white women as well as women of color, and some men as well, are coming to the theater with hair styles that make it virtually impossible for the person sitting behind them to comfortably see the stage. Just as someone should not wear a stove-pipe hat in the theater, theater-goers need to think about their hair style and how it will impede the enjoyment of the show to the patron sitting behind them.

As to the rest of the commentary and what took place at the table with someone asking this woman "who are you?" and then others asking questions of this woman's background. well, just doesn't ring true. And as Judge Judy says, "If it doesn't sound true, it probably isn't."

Maybe Ms. Tatge, who I am sure is a very liberal white woman (and so am I), is bending over-backwards to give credence to a story by a person of color and not questioning a) the veracity of the story and b) even if the story is true to tell her patrons, whatever color they may be, to alter their hair style if their hair which is piled on top of their head will make seeing the stage for the person behind them if not impossible a real challenge.

Leah Dadus

West Stockbridge



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