Letter: Small schools deserve more sports coverage


To the editor:

I constantly read about the local area high school sporting events in The Eagle but the smaller schools seem to always be left out or forgotten. Which honestly is a shame!

What about BART, Miss Hall's and Simon's Rock to just name a few who also have sports programs? They play in a different division but are still part of the county. Their programs may be small but they have children who live in Berkshire County, attend Berkshire County schools and participate in sports programs.

These are children who at one point or another have crossed paths. They have attended programs together such at the CYC, YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, AAU, sports camps and trainings. So I why are they left out?

These smaller schools are a blessing in disguise. These kids attend school every day and work just as hard as the local area schools. They deserve and earn just as much as everyone else. It wouldn't hurt to put smaller schools in other divisions in the limelight as well.

Sandra Bamba,




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