Letter: Stand with Du Bois, not with Columbus


To the editor

The Oct. 3 letter to the editor entitled "Board, DuBois group insult Italians " did insult my sensibilities, since the letter misrepresented both Columbus and Du Bois.

Many people have said and history has shown that Great Barrington's native son, W.E.B. Du Bois, born in 1868, was the most profound African-American leader, scholar, intellectual, poet, writer, philosopher, economic historian, sociologist, educator and editor, and his contributions have helped make our democracy what it is today due to his leadership in promoting civil rights and his fight against racism.

Christopher Columbus' actions, on the other hand, are very disturbing. Perhaps his birthplace of Genoa, Italy (1451) said it best when the citizens refused to celebrate his "discoveries" on the 500-year anniversary, even though the city projected financial revenues exceeding billions of dollars. The citizens of Genoa knew the true history of Christopher Columbus and refused to celebrate or reap the economic benefits from the catastrophe that their native son bestowed upon the indigenous populations in the Bahamas and the West Indies.

I stand with Du Bois, the Select Board and anything to do with equality for all people regardless of one's skin color. I stand with women's right to choose, gay and transgender rights. I stand against hate, fear-mongering, white supremacy, Nazis, anti-Semites, anti-immigrants, racism, cruelty, bigotry and foreign interference in our elections.

Renzo Del Molino,

Great Barrington



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