Letter: Standing for nothing, falling for anything

To the editor:

In regards to Mr. Gilardi's letter (Eagle, Dec. 30), I would like to congratulate him on his clean bill of health. But more so, I would like to thank him for reminding us about a very important lesson in life, which is: If you don't care about something or anyone then it is easy to stand for nothing and fall for anything. This point is demonstrated very well in some of Mr. Gilardi's comments.

For the most part, Donald Trump was likeable and entertaining on "The Apprentice" or fake reality TV. In real life, as the president, not so much. Trump has no code of ethics and is morally bankrupt. And I, for one, would not be surprised if Vladimir Putin has more dirt on Trump than there is sand in the Sahara Desert.

In short, some of the people who actually voted for Trump did so because of their distrust and dislike for Hillary Clinton. And not necessarily because they wholeheartedly supported Trump's agenda.

With that said, I recommend that Mr. Gilardi add "fake campaign promises" to the very top of his so-called fake list. Happy New Year to everyone. To all, make it a great one

Rebecca Taliaferro,



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