Letter: Stockbridge doesn't need this kind of experience


To the editor:

Stockbridge voters need to know that its Democratic Town Committee is basically controlled by one family. The former chairman is now a candidate up for reelection as a selectmen. His successor, and current chair, is his cousin. The secretary of this cabal is listed as having the same address as the incumbent. How convenient. The third officer, wife of a conflicted Planning Board candidate, is the treasurer.

In a letter to the editor, the new chairman (who is also his cousin) mentioned the incumbent's "experience." That experience was as a two-term member of the Planning Board. That's it. He is not experienced. He is not open-minded. He is interested in control. Without even consulting his fellow selectman, the chairman referred the recent investigation to our town attorney instead of to the district attorney's office. That move is an example of how he has continued to cost our town large sums in legal fees, and in this case, created the groundwork for a legal action that could end up costing our town a lot more.

To quote a commonly heard comment in our town, most of the members of this controlling group, are "wealthy, live up on the hill, and think they own and control Stockbridge." Most of them have not lived in Stockbridge for very long, yet they still know "what's best for us."

This small family group is responsible for bringing "national politics" to our town, destroying the small town non-politicized fabric we have enjoyed since Stockbridge became a town. They greatly influence decisions that end up costing our town taxpayers higher and higher taxes. They don't care, because they can afford higher taxes, having for the most part, moved here from other higher taxed areas.

"All politics are local." So, no matter what political party you belong to — even if none — you share in the cost of running our town.

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Check out the candidates in contested races for the Planning Board and the Selectmen and make your decision is based upon your good sense as to whom will work to have our town running as it should, without incurring huge expenses in unnecessary legal fees, and greatly increasing town budgets for "feel good" projects. It can be done in ways that will provide for better economic stability in Stockbridge without hurting its overall character.

It is your town. It is time for you to vote for your best interests and not those of a small, biased family controlled group that is trying to literally control your town. For that simple reason, please vote for the following candidates in contested races: Selectman, Roxanne McCaffrey; Planning Board, Christine Rasmussen, Marie Rafferty, Nancy Socha and William Vogt.

It's your town, help take it back.

I write this as a private citizen and not as a member of any town committee or organization.

Jim Balfanz,



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