Letter: Stockbridge traffic light supporter ready to face music


To the Editor

I love Stockbridge. I love the Red Lion Inn. I love the "feeling" of Stockbridge. I love puppies and apple pie.

I do not agree, however, with Mr. John Hart and his condemnation of Ms. Audrey Friedner in his recent letter where he likens her idea of installing a vintage traffic light at Route 7 and Main Street to despoiling the entire village.

Ms. Friedner is certainly not a barbarian at the gate looking to bring strip malls, Starbucks and McDonalds to that cherished intersection — she is a valued citizen, a trustee of the Rockwell Museum and is proffering an intelligent and reasonable suggestion.

I happen to share her view that a modest vintage traffic light at each corner would be a practical, aesthetically pleasing solution to the thorny problem of eighteen-wheelers crashing into Subaru Outbacks as confused motorists try to sort out how the existing three way stop signs work. A few weeks ago a truck flipped over on its back as it approached that corner and crashed into the back yard of one of the Red Lion Inn's houses on Maple.

By the way, my wife disagrees with me. She prefers adding a fourth stop sign.

I am prepared to be pilloried.

Richard M. Lobo,




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