Letter: Student protest of climate change commendable

To the editor:

In fighting against future climate disaster, it's commendable that the students of Our Children's Trust have turned to one of democracy's oldest forms of protest: the courts ("Climate change must be a rallying point for nation's students," Eagle, April 2). In the case of Juliana v. U.S., the students are seeking justice for what they view as a government that has disregarded their future right to life by allowing climate change to continue unabated. A landmark decision in the fall may pave the way for more legal recourse against global warming's major perpetrators.

Already, legal strategies like the students' case are coming up all over the world. Cities like New York, San Francisco and Paris are considering suing fossil fuel companies to pay for the costs of extreme weather damage due to climate change.

It may seem like we're living in a bleak era for climate action. But, in the absence of government intervention, it's up to the people to provide the needed change in the world. These students are taking a brave stand for their generation and for all generations to reject inaction on climate change. We should all learn from their example and protest in ways that force the government to hear us.

Taylor Wishman,



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