Letter: Summer Street garage loss creates parking issues


To the editor:

It's not hard to understand the need for folks to be able to park near [preferably in front of] the shops/business[es] they plan to visit on North Street. Parking on Summer Street and, formerly, in the disastrous Summer Street garage, have similar issues. Patrons of several medical offices and Berkshire Nautilus also need places to park, some for two-three hours. There is no place for these folks to park while losing the garage for several months.

The private lot for Nautilus overflows. Is there a nearby lot that the city could offer? As a member of Nautilus for years, I work out there four to five times every week. Although Summer Street is quite wide there, the city has allowed parking on only one side of Summer Street, in front of Nautilus. How about allowing parking on both sides of the street while the garage is demolished? Better yet, why not create diagonal parking on the other side for even more parking places?

Is it safe to assume that the city will restore enough three-hour "free parking" spaces in the new parking lot to replace what the garage offered?

Stu Masters,




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