Letter: Take back democracy from a petty tyrant


To the editor:

The president's recent tweets that four Congresswomen who are critical of his administration should "go back where they came from" is meant to shore up his base, that 40 percent who shout, "If you don't love America, then leave."

If we were to go back to America of the 1770s, we would have found people saying something similar to malcontents like John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and George Washington: "If you don't like British America, then leave!" And, of course, someone like Alexander Hamilton would have been told to go back where he came from —Jamaica. Had those brave men been shouted down, where would we be now?

The president's recent outburst is right in line with everything his administration stands for. Let me paraphrase the Declaration of Independence, the reading of which on NPR the president attacked as "propaganda." "He has sown the seeds of doubt in our system; He has belittled our traditions; He has weakened our sense of decency in public discourse; He has eroded our reliance on science and reasoned discourse as a way of arriving at the truth; and He has undermined our faith in the law as a safeguard of everyone's rights and freedoms. The president's attitude is quite simply: "I'm in power now; I'm in it for what I can get for myself, my friends, and anyone who supports me; any other aspect of government is for losers. If you don't like it: shut up!"

We should all be outraged at this. If America is not to end up on the rubbish heap of history as another failed attempt at "government of the people," then voters need to express their outrage. Remember the old song: "If I had a hammer, I'd hammer in the morning, I'd hammer in the evening, All over this land." In the coming months, write letters to the editor. Contact your representatives at every level of government. Talk to your friends and neighbors. But most important of all, remember — each of us does have a hammer.

Come November 2020, get to the polls and vote. The bigotry, hatred, bluster and bullying that continually spew from the White House cannot stand up to the vote that each and every one of us can cast at them.

Jeff Bradway,




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