Letter: Take on Citizens United by voting 'Yes' on 2

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To the editor:

Big money in politics and rapidly increasing control of our political and legal systems by behemoth corporations and other big money interests MUST be eliminated if we want to see significant progress on the many critical issues that our country continues to face. This is the 800-pound gorilla in the room that not enough people are talking about — yet. It is obviously not an easy problem to resolve, but it can be done, and the alternative is simply not acceptable.

On Tuesday, Nov 6, Massachusetts voters will have an opportunity to make a difference and begin taking back control of our democracy. There will be a referendum ballot question, Number 2, that asks state voters if they support; 1. our legislators taking an active role in helping to overturn Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission (CU vs. FEC), the disastrous 2010 Supreme Court decision that effectively eliminated limits on corporate campaign spending and requirements for candidates to disclose campaign contribution sources, and, 2. The establishment of a 15-member committee to monitor "dark money" activity in Massachusetts and working with legislators to eliminate it.

If you want to help send a clear message that continuing to allow big money in politics is unacceptable, then please vote 'Yes' on ballot question Number 2, and encourage others to do the same. Similar efforts are underway in many other states.

When grassroots efforts like this result in two-thirds of federal House and Senate members approving the overturning of CU vs. FEC, this will pave the way for a constitutional amendment. To-date, there have been 27 amendments to the constitution, seven of which superseded rulings by the Supreme Court. It is a difficult process, but this issue has more national popular support (i.e., +80 percent) than any of the other seven amendments that overturned SCOTUS rulings. Therefore, saying "there's nothing you can do" isn't true. Voting 'Yes' on 2 is an important first step that you can take. Learning more about the issue and discussing it with others is another. www.americanpromise.net is a great source of information. See you at the polls!

Andrew Bloom,

West Stockbridge



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