Letter: Talk on driving under the influence fuels conversation on making good choices


To the Editor:

On Dec. 11, our son Sean, who is in sixth grade at the Lee Middle and High School, had the opportunity to attend the presentation of "A Mother's Journey," which was presented by Lisa Brodeur. Sean attended the afternoon presentation with his classmates, and returned that night along with Paul and me to hear the strong message again.

We were so sorry to hear of the tragedy that Lisa and her family went through — it was heartbreaking and very emotional. However, this unfortunate tragedy sends out a very strong message and hopefully it was a learning experience and a reminder for everyone who was in attendance for the presentations that the choice of getting behind a steering wheel while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs are considered poor choices! These choices don't just effect you, but can effect innocent people as well. If you think being under the influence is something you can handle because you were lucky once and made it home safely, think again. Eventually, luck runs out.

Some people may think a presentation like this is too early for a sixth-grader to hear about — we think it's a perfect time for them to learn about this. We asked Sean what he thought about the presentation, and he said, "Why did she want to make us sad?" This presentation really hit home with our son. And because of it, we have had quite the conversation and we will continue to talk to Sean about making good choices in his life.

A special thanks to the Lee Public School Wellness Committee and administrators for inviting Lisa Brodeur and her family to come to our school to give a powerful presentation. We hope the presentation opened up the communication in families so they are able to talk about a very sensitive topic.

Kelly Koperek Lee


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