Letter: Task force doesn't back opposition to Greylock proposal

Task force doesn't back opposition to school plan

To the editor:

The Berkshire Education Task Force is an advisory group of current and former school superintendents, educators, school committee chairpersons, municipal administrators and local business leaders. The group will make eventual recommendations to school districts and municipalities, with the ultimate goal of quality educational outcomes for our youth and financial sustainability for our school districts. Implementation of our recommendations will be up to the school districts and municipalities.

There have been misconceptions expressed by some that we have been asked to clarify. The Berkshire County Education Task Force has been very clear that we do not in any way want to interfere with the efforts of the Mount Greylock MSBA building project (nor do we have the power to do so). We have stated so in our meeting minutes (available online at www.facebook.com/groups/BCETF/).

We know how long and how difficult it has been to get to where the regional school district is now. MSBA projects have no assurance of the affected communities "getting back in line," and if lucky enough to do so, will be years away and at a much higher cost.

Recommendations from the Education Task Force are unknown at this early stage. With $33 million of state funds designated for the project already secured and hanging in the balance, a decision to not go forward with this building project based on some unknown, future recommendations would not be supported by the Berkshire County Education Task Force.

John Hockridge, North Adams The writer is chair, Berkshire County Education Task Force.


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