Letter: Teammates stand behind trustee head McGraw

To the editor:

We are the Stingers, a team of strong women from many walks of life, ages 21 to 60. Although we gather to play hockey, we have always said, "It's not about the hockey."

Life is funny and it turns on a dime. We have had to gather so many times under unimaginable circumstances and pure unadulterated tragedy, the kind that makes no sense. We have skated to exhaustion together, sat at funerals for babies and teammates. We have sat in hospitals, and we have laughed so hard for the silliest of reasons. Through it all, Elizabeth McGraw has been one of the most steadfast, even-keeled, intelligent women on our team. We have had numerous opportunities to see Ms. McGraw's true colors under stress and when addressing difficult decisions.

We support Ms. McGraw as a president of the board of trustees of the Berkshire Museum.

In our own lives we are educators, artists, small business owners, EMTs, landscape designers — the people who live and give back to the Berkshire area on a daily basis.

We stand by Ms. McGraw and find this campaign to malign and discredit her person and motives, malicious and detrimental to all of us who know her. We are confident of her integrity, purpose and intentions for the future of our Berkshire community.

<em>Carita Gardiner,

Kelley Bogardus,

Letty Downs

Lakeville, Conn.

The letter was also signed by Amy Jenkins, Karin Noyes, Barbara Carr, Kim Brisett, Lauri Grusauski, Beth Hammond, Sarah Paley Coon, Lee Sullivan, Emma Zeiler, Anna Traggio, Judith Frost, Jac Cohn, Marina Outwater, and the rest of the Stingers' roster new and old (1999-present). While the team's home rink is in Lakeville, the players come from all around the Berkshires.



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