Letter: Thankful for help after a terrible loss

To the editor:

Losing a loved one is heart-wrenching. Losing a child is beyond comprehension, the ultimate tragedy. In the early morning hours of April 8 we lost our precious first-born, our only daughter, Chelsea Hurley, from injuries sustained in an automobile accident. She was just shy of her 22nd birthday, about the same age we were when she joyously came into our lives.

No words can express the depth of our gratitude for the support we received. Within hours we were embraced by friends and family who came to us in our time of grief. In the days and weeks that followed we were deeply moved by so many others, including perfect strangers, who offered us emotional and financial assistance, prayers and personal stories of unexpected loss and how they were able to move forward with life.

There are a few organizations and individuals we would like to publicly thank: Vern Kennedy, owner of The Morgan House who graciously sponsored the after-funeral reception. Canyon Ranch for the prepared meals sent to our home. Roche Funeral Home for instinctively knowing how Chelsea would have wanted to be celebrated. Julie Lord for organizing the candlelight vigil at Laurel Lake. Susanne Wickham for quickly organizing a Go Fund Me campaign to defray the expenses. Finally, we want to thank the volunteers of the Lee and Becket Ambulance who valiantly tried to save Chelsea.

There is one person whom we cannot thank because he is unknown to us. There was a good Samaritan who happened upon the crash. From what we were told he was the one who called 911 and waited with our daughter on the side of the road until help arrived. It would aid with the healing processes if we could just speak with him. We want to let him know how grateful we all are that he did his best to get Chelsea the help she needed. We are asking if anyone knows who this man is to have him please contact us. We would be forever grateful.

Angel Davis,

John Hurley and

Tyler Hurley,



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