Letter: The Republican Party's war on Christmas

To the editor:

For the last decade or so many conservatives in the media have complained that there is a war on Christmas in this country.These talk show hosts or columnists often use Starbucks,which has over 14,000 stores in the U.S., as an example of a company that is trying to take Christmas out of the holiday season. Starbucks encourages its employees to say Happy Holidays to its costumers rather than to wish them a Merry Christmas. Starbucks also uses coffee cups that celebrate the beginning of winter rather than imagery that is more associated with Christmas such as Santa Claus or a Christmas sleigh with reindeer.

As someone who is agnostic, I am not really bothered by either a greeting of Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. I do believe, however, that conservatives have created this controversy in order to hide the fact that Jesus believed in helping the poor. As most reasonable people realize, the Republican Party is against almost every government program that is designed to help the underprivileged in the United States, whether it be Medicaid, food stamps, low income housing, heating assistance or any other government program that helps a needy person get through their daily life.

The American public has seen in the last two years that with a Republican president, Senate,and House of Representatives the GOP is obsessed with trying to slash federal money for Medicaid with its failed effort to outlaw the Affordable Care Act in 2017.There was also talk of Republicans of trying to cut Medicare. low income housing,and food stamps in order to pay for their 2017 tax law that saw that most of the tax savings would go to the wealthy,corporations and people who are heavily invested in the stock market.

I don't believe that it says in the Bible that the destitute in this country should have to suffer so that people, who in most cases already have more money than they could spend in several lifetimes, can be given even more money to invest in the stock market or hoard into their bank accounts.This is the major reason why this fraudulent issue that is the war on Christmas will continue to be a topic for conservatives for years to come.

Bram Hurvitz



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