Letter: Theater programs suffers in Mt. Greylock auditorium

Theater program suffers in Mt. Greylock building

To the editor:

Lost in the midst of the debates about the proposed improvements for MGRHS are the more than 100 students active in all aspects of theater who have not been allowed to use the auditorium for more than two years.

The Mt. Greylock auditorium does not meet code for theatrical performances, due to an asbestos-filled fire curtain and the lack of water sprinklers as well as safe storage for costumes, props and sets — not to mention ADA-compliance issues. Students have been putting together their 3-4 annual productions by rehearsing in empty classrooms and securing short-term access to a mix of local performance spaces.

This means that students do not perform for their peers in their own school. This also means the school cannot invite visiting productions to come and share their talents.

While administration and parents from both towns, represented in Friends of the Arts, have worked together to support the theater program, the situation is a disservice to all students. Imagine a school without a playing field for sports and you begin to see the impact. Students interested in costume or sound design, tech lighting, and performance face obstacles to develop these talents.

Regardless of this upcoming vote, the auditorium has to be fixed to meet the demands of this century, We can pay less for it if we move forward with the partnership with the state. Our children yearn to use the space as a creative, theatrical learning space. Please vote "Yes" March 15 and make it happen.

Christine Canning-Wilson, Laneborough


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