Letter: There's a good reason for the focus on Moore

To the editor:

In reading Thomas Gilardi's letter of Dec. 3, "Liberal double standard on sexual harassment," I am struck by two things.

This first is that sexual assault knows no political affiliation, as is proven by the accusations that are swirling around against persons of both political affiliations. Secondly, and more importantly, the current focus of accusations relies more on simple guilt or innocence, it doesn't get into the nuance of the degree of severity of the infraction, which I think comes to the core of Mr. Gilardi's question.

The focus on Roy Moore is intensified both because he currently is running for office, but also because as an adult he pursued relationships with adolescents who were below the age of consent in Alabama. This is why there is more focus on Roy Moore than other individuals who have been accused.

One can attempt to paint Moore's woes as partisan backlash, but in order to do so they need to ignore the substance of the multiple allegations against him.

Brian W. Barnett,



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