Letter: Three council candidates with fresh perspectives

To the editor:

This election, the voters of Ward 2 have the opportunity to elect a different kind of candidate, one that is truly part of the community and one that has the leadership qualities that we should expect of our elected officials.

As a resident of Morningside, I have come to know Dina Guiel well through her involvement in various community projects and I have gained a strong understanding of the type of councilor she would be to the residents of Ward 2.

When the White Terrace fire happened a few months back, I was called to help the community organizations that were organizing various types of assistance for those displaced. In the days following the fire, I was amazed to see the outpouring of support that the Pittsfield community rallied to provide. Residents from across the city were contacting the Christian Center and the Berkshire Dream Center to ask how they could help their neighbors.

Dina Guiel was one of those concerned residents; she showed up to both centers to inquire about the status of the response effort and immediately began asking relevant questions regarding the relocation effort. Dina took the initiative to contact a local rental group about coordinating an expedited rental agreement for the victims. Through Dina's leadership, residents of White Terrace were offered expedited rental options that were sensitive to their financial limitations.

Dina showed up and was looking to help. This impressed me because her concern for others and her desire to help those in need was abundantly clear, as was her ability to spring into action. I also couldn't help notice that the current ward councilor was absent from the relief effort to serve those in Ward 2, despite the visible involvement of other ward and at-large councilors.

Dina Guiel has the professional skills and experience that our council could benefit greatly from. If elected, her background in public administration will be a true asset come budget time. And when it comes to constituent services and responsiveness, there is no question how she will perform. She is easy to talk to, responsive, and accountable.

Many of these same qualities are also shared by two other candidates running, Rhonda Serre for Ward 7 and Bill Wright for Ward 4. We could use a change and fresh perspective, so join me in voting on Nov. 7 to elect these candidates that I feel will represent us in the best possible way.

Kate Lauzon,



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