Letter: Tonys provided a needed boost


To the editor:

At last I found something to smile about! I recorded Sunday's Tony Awards on CBS with James Corden as host. It was refreshing and entertaining with Mr. Corden showing an amazing talent in both singing and dancing. I was impressed with his capacity to memorize the singing and dancing routines and with such professionalism! For those of us who are unable to see live Broadway shows. it was the second best thing.

I used to record the nightly late shows with Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers but found their style of comedy had turned acerbic — too much on the edge and not funny to me anymore. On one occasion Colbert had made a joke about the Queen of England shoplifting. I thought that was in such poor taste, especially in these times when we need the support of our allies more than ever. On another occasion Meyers made fun of Andrew McCabe's facial features. What's that all about? Trump is always criticized about his lack of respect of others; do we need to sink to his level?

My priorities in life are my family, my religion, and love of music — the international language. Watching the Tony Awards really lifted my spirits.

Connie Dillon Yannone,




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