Letter: Town manager isn't answer in Stockbridge


To the editor:

In response to a recent editorial, Stockbridge does not need a town manager. I couldn't disagree more.

The Cardillo situation certainly could have been handled better, but hiring a town manager is not the solution. If the volunteers support Cardillo as their chief I (I suggest they cast a secret ballot vote on this issue), the Selectmen could have simply reassigned the budgetary duties and purchasing to another member who could handle those tasks competently. I can think of at least five members off the top of my head who could be candidates.

This was not a trifling error. At best, given the overspending, this is misfeasance. Cardillo clearly does not possess the skill set to handle a budget or procurement. I do feel it should have been investigated by an appropriate law enforcement agency. If there was no wrongdoing; if Cardillo was simply duped or used bad judgement, he would at least be morally vindicated.

To cede oversight to an nonelected official would be a grave mistake. I would suggest that if Stockbridge citizens do not like the way the selectman have handled this and other issues that they elect different representatives as selectmen.

Roxanne McCaffrey,




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