Letter: Trump apologists will never accept reality

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To the editor:

It is with serious reservations that I'm responding to a letter by Judith Belanger from Jan. 9 ("Trump-bashers may be true cultists"). I recognize the futility of speaking truth to members of "The Cult of Don." Still, I persist.

I'd like to ask cult members to explain why they feel Trump is being victimized and unjustly picked on! Those possessing a logical mind certainly see that Trump is more than a little deserving of criticism. How is this perpetrator of so many crimes a victim when it appears to me that he has gotten away with murder — in every sense of the word? He had General Qassem Soleimani killed under false pretenses (not that this monster didn't deserve to exit the planet) because, in my opinion, Trump felt that his impeachment was receiving way too much news coverage. His "Look over there" tactic was employed once again. Three other presidents had ample opportunity to kill Soleimani and refrained from doing so because they had the good sense to realize that retaliation was a certainty. They were not "cowards" as Trump has implied, and coming from Captain Bone Spurs himself, that is precious!

My theory is that these Trump fans will continue to defend everything he does because their stock portfolios are looking good. I hope their investments will keep them warm when terrorists visit the U.S. seeking revenge for Trump's illegal and irresponsible acts. Maybe fear will inspire a better understanding of just how much of a "clear and present danger" he really is to all of us! With 15,600 lies under his belt, why would any patriotic American support that and why wouldn't one require the president to obey the Constitution and the rule of law? Mind-blowing, isn't it?

I was going to list 10 of his most jaw-dropping offenses, but I took it under advisement because these crimes are so very well documented; Trump's cult members will continue to play Ostrich regardless of his dirty deeds. I will however address Judith Belanger once again and say yes, most of us do support Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler and especially Adam Schiff because they are heroically protecting our democracy. They are supported by those of us willing to participate in the Resistance so that future generations can enjoy all of the freedoms that some are willing to toss aside. The letter writer had no documentation, just accusations, like saying Joe Biden is "up to his eyeballs in "quid pro quo." Where is the proof? Her sources of information are suspect, to say the least — Fox News, Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson — talk about fake news!

As I stated at the start of my letter, this exercise has been futile in the sense that no Trump supporter reading it will suddenly say, "Yes, I see what she means! She might be right." I simply felt compelled to reply and for this I feel some sense of satisfaction. My real satisfaction will be felt when we are finished with this national nightmare and when our country is in the hands of the good guys once again.

Debra Johnson,

North Adams



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