Letter: Trump-bashers may be true cultists


To the editor:

A recent letter by Arne Waldstein again demonstrated The Eagle's disregarding its own journalistic rules not to publish letters that have "ad hominem attacks" or that " violate standards of good taste."

Calling Trump supporters a "cult" and the president an "erratic, rude, mean-spirited, spoiled-brat rich kid who lies constantly and behaves like a child" seems to violate both categories. Considering how this country has prospered with President Trump's policies, I'll take "brat" over a lobbyist-owned swamp politician! Let's lobby for term limits!

The cartoon published on Dec. 26 depicting a Baby Trump in a manger beneath a "T" instead of a crucifix, with elephants kneeling and bystanders questioning "Where are the asses and sheep?" was truly inappropriate and offensive to Trump supporters and Christians during this holy season.

Whom do Trump-haters support? A proven multiple liar like Sen. Adam Schiff? Comedian George Lopez's claim he would accept Iran's bounty to assassinate Trump? Colin Kaepernick's hate-America view with his socks depicting cops as pigs? Robert DeNiro boasting he would "like to punch Trump in the face" and saying "F-Trump" at the Tony Awards? (Classy, Bob. Federal crime?) Columnist Kathleen Parker of The Washington Post who called Trump a "carnival barking imposter"? (An addendum after my last letter on Eagle bias claimed she was a "conservative.")

Do you support Nancy Pelosi and Jerrold Nadler who pushed maniacally for impeachment because Trump was "an imminent and clear and present danger to democracy"? So critical, she is "holding" the articles from the Senate while the House recesses for yet another vacation!

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Do you support Joe Biden, up to his eyeballs in quid pro quo actually documented on video?

Do you support Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her squad to save America? I like airplanes, cars and hamburgers. How about you?

Do you trust your obviously left-wing paper, The Berkshire Eagle, that in 2019, published 572 negative Trump political cartoons and 603 negative Trump commentaries, almost exclusively from the Washington Post and the New York Times, which are unabashedly liberal, Trump-hating publications? Yes, I have documentation.

Intelligent Eagle readers, and its editors, must open their minds and refer to other sources for information. It is imperative to have an informed electorate. Please, at least look at Judicial Watch, One America News, Whatfinger News, Town Hall, Politico, Hannity and Tucker Carlson on Fox and Lou Dobbs on Fox Business. You will be shocked at what you are not being informed about or how biased the coverage is by CNN, MSNBC, WAPO, NYT and The Berkshire Eagle.

Maybe the devotees of these "news" outlets are the real "cultists"?

Judith Belanger,



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