Letter: Trump Deep State is being exposed

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To the editor:

The Deep State conspiracy theory could explain a lot. But narratives that seem too good to be true deserve a second look.

Human nature being what it is, please be skeptical of any conspiracy theory with more than two or three people involved. One or more of the conspirators almost always have second thoughts and squeal. Now we have more proof of that. Look at the growing list of career diplomats, CIA agents, and lifelong military people lining up, often reluctantly, to give evidence that Trump has set up his own Deep State to run a secret, political foreign policy. Most of those testifying were chosen by Trump, and were praised loudly by Trump until they blew the whistle about what they had seen and heard. So please don't spin that "political traitors" malarkey at me. Deep State type conspiracies cannot be kept secret. Period.

A recent letter writer's list of "evidence" is spy-novel fiction. Show me the evidence. Large illegal conspiracies cannot be kept secret for long. Even President Trump, with all the power of the government behind him and his known penchant for exacting revenge, could not keep this secret. And as much as Republicans and Fox News try to discredit witnesses, any sane person must realize that those coming forward with real evidence (not rumors) could not be less political or more patriotic, as demonstrated by lives of service to both parties.

I hesitate to suggest that many letters screaming about deep state conspiracies were put forward by Republican operatives and Russian internet troll-farms, since such a wide ranging conspiracy would also leave visible roots. Our own CIA, and every major Western intelligence agency says that such illegal political operatives are working to disrupt democracy around the globe. These intelligence agencies have put forward real, tangible evidence of such illegal activities, most being ignored by Trump's cronies. If a Deep State conspiracy existed all these years, patriots of both parties would be coming forward with evidence, as they are with Trump's attempt to trade hundreds of millions of dollars of vitally important foreign aid for personal and political gain.

Michael Dee,




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