Letter: Trump does not compare well with Bush and McCain


To the editor:

The recent deaths of long-serving statesmen John McCain and George H.W. Bush are notable because of the stark contrast between those men and the pathetic loser who currently occupies the White House. It's the glaring difference between mature men of integrity and decency and a crybaby spoiled brat rich kid who has never grown up. Trump's extended hissy fit following the midterm elections, during which he insulted the veterans who died for our country by skipping appearances at Arlington and European cemeteries because he was afraid to get his hair wet, shows just how big a baby this guy is.

What is so amazing (and sad) is all the suckers out there who have fallen for the fake news that Trump is some sort of tough guy. The truth is, Trump is a classic weakling: the loud mouth, the constant bragging, the bullying and insults, and of course the non-stop lying. As conservative commentator George Will so accurately put it: "Trump is a weak person's idea of a strong person." Trump worshipers such as the robotic serial liar Sarah Sanders often describe him as a tough guy who "hits back." A "counter-puncher." Well, the fact of the matter is that people who lash out over every little criticism aren't tough at all, they're simply immature. Only an insecure weakling like Trump would let a reporter like CNN's Jim Acosta get under his skin so easily.

As our crybaby-in-chief continues to degrade and despoil the office of the presidency, this pro-Russia traitor who sides with Putin against America is still able to con a sizable number of true believers into falling for his lies. That's bad, and more than a little depressing. I've heard that many people supposedly voted for Trump because they feared our country is going down the tubes. The irony is, the mere fact that a pathetic clown like Trump could get elected at all is itself powerful evidence that America is in serious decline.

When you hear the list of traditional American moral values, personal decency and ethical integrity expressed in recent tributes to McCain and Bush, what is so striking is that Trump is the exact opposite in every respect. Talk about going down the tubes! We're on our way, folks!

Arne Waldstein,




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