Letter: Trump failing nation's firefighters

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To the editor:

Having read recent articles in the Eagle , New York Times and the Boston Globe that the state of Massachusetts has been outbid by the federal government for the supply of health care and first responder PPE equipment, one has to wonder when this madness will end. Are we not all living in the same country, are we all not united in the same goal of protecting our citizens? Apparently not.

The president has the power to implement the Defense Production Act but refuses to do so. Instead he offers lame explanations that American industry is coming forward on its own to fill the void and its not necessary to invoke these powers and make the U.S. look like Venezuela. Not to mention he insists that the virus follow his mandated schedule and magically end by Easter so we can all go to church together. Is there no end to this insanity.

I am a retired fire chief having served over 40 years as a volunteer firefighter. I understand that there is not enough PPE for hospitals, ambulance crews and firefighters. But now its official. Firefighters don't get any until a better supply chain is established. So there it is the first in are officially the last to he protected.

I would gladly give my mask and gloves to a nurse doctor or EMS responder as they are my brothers and sisters in this mess and I will gladly supply them first. Its just kind of hard to swallow when the president of this great country first tells the governors of our states that they must step up and take care of their own states and the federal government is not some kind of Supply house. Then the federal government steps in and outbids the state for PPE and to add insult to injury on a governors' phone conference Mr. Trump says that its too bad, the governor of Massachusetts should have bid more.      Mr. Trump filling government warehouses? He owes the doctors, nurses, EMS responders and firefighters of this nation an explanation.

Thirty two fire stations and ambulance garages In Berkshire County do not have adequate PPE. What do we tell our families when we race out the door, Mr. President? Certainly not the inane and ridiculous dribble we are subjected to on a nightly basis from the 6 oclock follies of the coronavirus task force We deserve better that this, Mr. President.

Mark A. Hanford,


The writer is retired fire chief for Becket and new firefighter #11.



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