Letter: Trump is right on China trade

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To the editor:

I am the last person on this earth I'd expect to utter the words, Donald Trump is right. At least on one thing, that being trade with China.

For decades, the corporatists and Wall Street tycoons have sold out this country with their greedy rush to embrace China, only to find their own best interests being compromised by the rules, rules that China was in complete control of. What corporate brain trust thought it was a good idea to trade intellectual property for meager and temporary access to the Chinese market? Probably the same executives who thought it was OK to be overwhelmingly dependent on an authoritarian country for their supply chain.

So now we find ourselves in a trade war which will be worth it if some jobs come back to the U.S. or are better distributed to more friendly nations (the key word here being "distributed"). My politics are not fully overturned by this — as they say, "even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile." But this is perhaps a major historical turning point. It's going to take many months to reveal the direction this will take us. Just enough for this administration to fully implode, or not.

Chuck Koscher,




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