Letter: Trump respects the common man


To the editor:

Several days ago, I watched one of those famous British royal ceremonies at Buckingham Palace greeting President Trump to the UK. The sky was blue, the grounds were green, and the band and ranks of soldiers were resplendent in their red uniforms and tall black beaver hats. The queen looked great as always.

Then came the time for the guest to inspect the ranks of soldiers. Up to this point the ceremony was all according to long-standing custom. Inspecting the soldiers is always done by walking slowly down the ranks, accompanied in this case by Prince Charles. But GASP! Trump actually stopped walking many times and engaged in a chat with a soldier. We don't know what was said, but this remarkable gesture by our president speaks a lot.

He may be very wealthy and used to moving among royalty and the upper crust of society, but he knows and respects the hard-working common man. People see this. And that is why he won in 2016.

Ed Dartford,




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