Letter: Trump should learn from real wartime leaders

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To the editor

The current president claims to be a "wartime president," and in two respects he is right: Without a doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic is a war on a global scale. He is also the president.

He admits that he lied to protect the public from panicking.

Notable war leaders like Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill also needed to keep the public from panicking. In the process, they intentionally misled us and withheld information. They also made mistakes.

Nevertheless, they understood that to win a war it is critical to inform, unify and rally the public. They accepted responsibility and never made light of its gravity.

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For this, they gained the public's confidence, won the war and, 75 years later, remain icons of exemplary leaders.

Donald Trump has simply demonstrated an incapacity for, much less an understanding of, leadership.

By prolonging the pandemic he continues to jeopardize thousands of lives, impair an economic recovery and threatens trust in our government.

Howard Itzkowitz,

North Adams


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