Letter: Trump sinks even lower, yet he remains in office

To the editor:

After being away for four weeks in the wilderness where I had no access to anything political or economic, I returned to discover to my amazement that Trump was still in office. How can that be possible?

Don't you think we've reached a point now where this guy has to be removed? Aside from obstruction of justice, collusion with the enemy, and hush money payments to cover up sexual affairs, he appoints people to head important agencies so that they can destroy the agencies they are supposed to lead. He encourages meetings in the Oval Office o obtain $500 million for his son-in-law's real estate business. His only understanding of issues is whether they will make him richer or more "loved."

He has sunk to the depths of bringing in John Bolton as security advisor. Security advisors present to the president all of the options to deal with a specific strategy, but Bolton comes to the job with a one-dimensional mind. He hasn't come across a war he doesn't like.

Trump lies on a daily basis to the American people. Any "opinions" come directly from Fox News only to be expressed almost word for word in the form of 6 a.m. tweets. He starts trade wars without understanding the potential ramifications.

What were the American people thinking? They had a full year to plainly see and hear this lowlife in action. So why is anyone surprised? We are the only Western democracy that does not provide its citizens with free healthcare. And we're the only country where citizens shoot each other to death almost 100 times every day. Other countries don't approach one-half of that number for an entire year. We have enough guns for every man, woman and baby in America.

We hear a lot about our southern border with Mexico. Next Trump will want to build a wall on our northern border to keep Americans from seeking political asylum in Canada.

There is no doubt that four out of every five Americans have never even heard of Cambridge Analytica. And most Americans don't really care about Russia's intrusion into our 2016 presidential election. Their interest is primarily economic. When the shaky financial system collapses, whether it's tomorrow or two years from now, that will get their attention.

So how do we get Trump out of the Oval Office? One would think millions of Americans would travel to Washington in order to demonstrate in front of the White House. But it doesn't appear that's going to happen anytime soon. Mueller could get him. But it's not even clear that he or anyone else can indict a sitting president. Of course, if that's the case, it places Trump far above the law. So my latest suggestion is for a SWAT team to charge into the White House, pick Trump up by his armpits and put him on a plane to Russia (only kidding). Besides, once Trump is gone, that leaves us with Pence, who would be able to work with Congress to pass outrageous far-right legislation that would accelerate the country's exit from democracy.

Charles Steinhacker,

Great Barrington


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