Letter: Trump true believers are blind to reality


To the editor:

Letter writer Ed Dartford is so enthralled by Donald Trump that he positively gushes over the fact that during his trip to England and France Trump actually (hang on to your hats, folks!) spoke to a couple of ordinary soldiers! (letter, June 8). In Dartford's mind, this is somehow evidence that Trump is a wonderful human being.

Forget about the fact that Commander-in-Chief "General Bone Spurs" is a draft dodger who weaseled out of service in Vietnam, while millions of loyal American boys served, because his rich daddy had a doctor on the payroll. Remember after the Parkland, Fla., school shooting when Trump said that if he had been there he would have "gone in after the shooter"? What a laugh! That yellow-bellied coward would have sprinted all the way to Miami before the gunfire even ended!

Forget about the fact that Trump lies almost every time he opens his big mouth and that he brags constantly and pathetically about how great he is. All his boasts are just more lies, of course. Forget about the fact that the myth of Trump being a great businessman is yet another lie. Normally, someone with his record of failures and bankruptcies would be be living in a trailer park somewhere in rural upstate New York. But not Trump! Why is that? Because his rich daddy gave him $460 million, that's why. The truth is, with his childish attention span and basic stupidity, Trump isn't capable of managing a medium-sized Wal-mart. Anyway, forget about all that, because, since Trump chatted with a couple of soldiers, he's obviously a swell guy!

A true believer commits completely to an idea, philosophy, or person and then his mind slams shut like a steel door. Any facts or events that challenge the commitment are met with total resistance. True believers are masters of excuses and rationalization. Trump supporters excel at making excuses for Trump. One refrain I've heard is "just leave him alone and let him do his job." My response to that is very simple: who's stopping him?

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Trump constantly whines about "the media," but the media don't have any power to do anything regarding legislation. The media is really just hot air. So ignore the hot air and do your job! But Trump isn't capable of that because he's an immature child. So he spends hours searching the media and the internet for critical comments so he can hurl insults in response.

Having grown up in the conservative Midwest in a Republican household where personal responsibility precluded whining and excuses, I'm amazed that today's so-called "conservatives" don't direct more anger toward Trump rather than his critics. Why don't we hear conservatives saying: "Hey, Donald! Would you put down the damn phone, stop the childish rants and insults, and just do your job!"

P.T Barnum famously said "there's a sucker born every minute." That explains the 2016 election in a nutshell.

Arne Waldstein,



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