Letter: Trumpian tactics in Stockbridge election


To the editor:

I never in my life expected to be called part of a "cabal" that is "wealthy, lives up on the hill, and think they own and control Stockbridge." (Jim Balfanz letter to the editor, May 17. This would be laughable except that it is a biased, bigoted attack on my family based on classic conspiracy theories and meant to divide the town.

The only truth in the letter is that we are active in the Stockbridge Democratic Town Committee, for the same reason that many serve on town boards and committees. (I am running for Housing Authority). Not for power, fame or riches, but because we think we can do some good. The scarcity of volunteers for town positions is a growing problem in our small Berkshire towns. Stockbridge is fortunate this year to have a large slate of candidates. Unfortunately, Matt Szwyd dropped out of the race. We need younger people to step up.

Mr. Balfanz has written a nasty, vicious personal attack. He has brought Trumpian tactics to Stockbridge. Sad. Very sad.

Anne Rabinowitz


The writer is secretary, Stockbridge Democratic Committee and a candidate for Stockbridge Housing Authority.



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