Letter: Trump's D-Day routine appalled veteran

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To the editor:

I probably speak for many combat veterans who were just as outraged as I when I learned of Trumps interview with Fox News on the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings June 6th, 2019. Did any of his communication people notice or even care that the backdrop of his usual attacks on his political foes in the US were in fact the graves of 9,000 dead American servicemen that he was supposedly there to honor? I saw it the next day in the normal course of coverage and my jaw hit the floor. The "journalist" doing the interview, seemed to snicker at every insult.

His routine dishonors the sacrifice of those men and women buried there, part of the Greatest Generation that helped to liberate the world from Nazism and stop the genocide underway in Europe. Trump place in history is assured, just not in the same way we speak of the honored dead that have given their lives for our freedom.

Mark E. Pompi


The writer is a retired Sergeant, First Class.



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