Letter: Two at-large candidates offer real diversity

To the editor:

For Pittsfield city councilor at-large, I ask residents to vote for real diversity. Craig Gaetani and myself, as a write-in candidate.

No more property tax increases. No more millions of borrowing unless approved by a city referendum.

No more property tax increases. No more disrespect to the interests of property owners. No more four-year term for mayor, as we will be asked for an emergency city referendum.

City jobs should be distributed using the federal system — a city exam should be conducted for each and every position and job openings shall be openly published in local papers and on line so no more family members can get them.

Current and previous city administrations "moved the city forward" by increasing property taxes and water and sewer rates each year, even during the recession of 2007-'09. Craig Gaetani, while not being politically polite, has said it right: "The city may face bankruptcy soon considering humongous debt and pension obligations."

I ask residents to vote for Gaetani, who was CEO of World Wide Water Company, as city councilor at-large, and myself, former owner of Odessa, a Ukraine manufacturer, and current owner of a U.S. rental business since 1995, as a write-in.

Alex Blumin,



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