Letter: Two court convictions unfair, to be appealed


To the editor:

Dear city residents:

Over the last two years, you have seen my name in regard to four court cases. In May and July I was found guilty of two of the four, and both were all over the front pages of The Berkshire Eagle. In the two cases I won, you saw nothing.

In the first trial I was charged with threatening to burn down the house and shoot a Fire Department employee. I have subsequently learned that Homeland Security monitors Fire and Police Department calls and to date I have found no proof that any such call was made to the Fire Department. If I made that call, I would be in mail now.

In July I was found guilty of breaking into an automobile which in fact was my automobile and I sold and financed the car to the plaintiffs. I am in the process of filing appeals in both cases and feel confident that I will have these verdicts overturned. The assistant district attorney should have known that there was no proof that I had committed these crimes, but he proceeded and got lucky. I will also file prosecutorial misconduct charges as a result.

I am still a candidate for office in the Pittsfield elections. I am not a quitter, but because I know the appeals could go on for a long time I ask for your support at the ballet box in November as I know how to solve many of this city's financial problems. [Gaetani is running for an at large seat but welcomes write-in votes for Ward 6 and for School Committee.]

I am a decorated, disabled Vietnam veteran, have a background in biology, chemistry and physics, have been a high school and an adjunct professor of these disciplines. I successfully designed and built the city's two WROFTA drinking water and filtration plants, saving city residents more than $70 million as to what the city almost built.

I am no quitter and I am moving forward. I hope to be elected to a city position because I am prepared to get the ball rolling to save the city many more millions of dollars with the ideas I have, as I did in the 1980s.

See my TV show on PCTV, Channel 16, on Mondays at 11:30 a.m., Tuesdays at 5:30 p.m. and Wednesdays at 5:30 a.m. and 11:30 p.m.  You will see that I am serious about representing you and I will do my best for you, the taxpayers and ratepayers.

Craig C. Gaetani,



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