Letter: Tyer is the change for a better Pittsfield

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To the editor:

Do we want change in the mayor's office? Are we still doing things the way we always have?

Linda Tyer was and still is the change we needed from doing things the same old way. Over the nearly four years of her stewardship, Pittsfield has gone from being a financial basket case to having a hot real estate market, better property values and new growth with lower tax rates. New market rate housing at the Powerhouse Lofts, and more being created at St. Mary's, widens our tax base and allows new workers to both live and work here in the city.

We have gone from being perpetually understaffed at the Police Department to hiring more officers with an ongoing effort to hire more. ShotSpotter is helping our police react to shooting incidents with amazing speed. The Westside Neighborhood Community Outreach Office is bringing police and the community closer together in the fight against crime. We've had new, brighter, energy-efficient street lighting installed throughout the city in the past year. These improvements and efforts under Mayor Tyer make us all safer than we were when we were doing things the way we did in the not-so-distant past.

Mayor Tyer created the position of business development manager and assembled the Red Carpet Team to attract and ease new businesses to the city and assist existing businesses to expand in Pittsfield. The old roadblocks to creating new jobs are being pushed away. By the end of this year, over 400 jobs will have been created with the Tyer administration's help.

Change can be positive or it can be negative. Linda Tyer is already making the positive changes you are looking for. Let's continue the change we began four years ago by re-electing Mayor Tyer and help Pittsfield continue to move forward from the old ways of doing things. Please vote on Sept. 17.

Tom Sakshaug,




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