Letter: Unfair cartoon adds to divisiveness

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To the editor:

I wish to express my displeasure with your June 23 editorial page cartoon entitled "Problematic monuments." In a national environment already divided on so many issues of importance, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, social injustice, record high unemployment. and an idiot in the White House, why would The Eagle (which I consider the best newspaper around) publish such a divisive and inappropriate cartoon?

The left side of the cartoon depicts Confederate statues being toppled. Good, it's about time. I agree they were rebels trying to destroy the Union and worse than that they fought to enslave our fellow human beings.

But I fail to understand the middle-aged. slightly overweight white guy with a briefcase and a coffee cup on the pedestal with the title, "White privilege still standing." What is the point? I started on the factory floor and it took me 20 years of hard work to win a seat in the front of the company offices. I carried a briefcase and a coffee cup daily. I earned that. I was not a white and privileged guy. I was welder who wanted better for myself and family.

I was raised in Morningside, so we were by no means well off . My parents instilled in myself and my siblings a respect for all people regardless of race or religion. Treat others as you wish to be treated was drilled into my skull. I took that with me wherever I worked . I have worked with all kinds of races and religions around the world. I respected all of them.

The cartoon lumps the briefcase-coffee cup toting white guy in the same class as a traitorous slave-owning rebel. I am a veteran of the U.S. Navy. I am not a rebel. Do not classify me as such. I take it as an supreme insult.

My worst sin is my failure to fully understand what it means to be Black in America today. I wish I could add something to begin the process of healing. God knows Black Americans need and deserve this. Stop with the divisive cartoons. We need The Eagle to help, not hinder

Mark A Hanford,




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