Letter: Unfair ticket will cost Patrick's, downtown

To the editor:

For more than 50 years, I have enjoyed living and working in Pittsfield. I have also raised my family here.

Recently, I had an unfortunate experience in downtown Pittsfield. I was taking a handicapped person to Patrick's Pub for lunch. I parked in front of the restaurant to help her in. I approached the parking meter for the first time and tried to follow the directions. I placed my credit card in and recorded my number plate in the box.

After lunch, I found a $15 ticket on my car. I went to City Hall and explained the situation. I was told that they would take this under advisement. Since then, I have received a notice that I had to pay the ticket. I feel that this is wrong.

My only choice is not to go to Patrick's Pub again or use North Street, which I have enjoyed for so many years. I feel badly about this. Why can't I just put a lot of quarters in a meter?

I object to paying this fine on principle.

Louise Cianflone,



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