Letter: Unite by fighting pols' divisiveness

To the editor:

I am so ashamed of our politicians. They talk about making America a better country and all they have been doing is separating us and putting a division between us all.

To them, making the rich richer is more important then taking care of each other and making our country a place where we all could feel connected and secure in who we are. Don't they understand that bringing us together as Americans is truly the answer to solving our problems. If we felt connected, we would protect each other and make it harder for any enemies to hurt us. We wouldn't be so quick to believe all the hurtful lies out there because we would trust in each other more and question the lies, looking for the truth. The fact that we have a system of innocence until proven guilty says a lot of how our forefathers imagined our future to be.

We need to fight the push for us to divide and join together. That is the only way we can make America the great country it was meant to be.

Wendy Frenkel,



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