Letter: US, North Korea talks require a steady hand

To the editor:

North Korea's feelers offering talks on its nuclear posture are welcome, and President Trump's response has been constructive. Because both Trump and Kim Jong Un have histories of volatility as negotiating partners, seizing this opening requires a sure, experienced diplomatic hand.

The U.S. is without an ambassador to South Korea, and at this critical moment we need one in place rapidly. Last year Trump was considering Dr. Victor Cha for this post. He is superbly qualified, and already vetted and accepted by South Korea. He was dropped from consideration in January when he spoke against a preventative war, but his nomination should now be submitted to the Senate so he can be swiftly confirmed.

Meanwhile, I urge Rep. Neal and our two senators to rally support for the bills, now awaiting action in both houses, to forbid any first nuclear strike on North Korea.

Royce E. Buehler,



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