Letter: Use common sense before killing a bear

To the editor:

We are deeply disturbed by the recent shooting of a bear in Housatonic. The sighting of bears in our area is becoming commonplace. It is always an experience to see one and it frightens many..However, it is our responsibility to deal with the situation in a sensible way. Can bears threaten humans? Of course. But humans make it much more likely by their bad behavior for this to happen.

The bear was finding its food from an unnatural source since someone in Housatonic had been regularly feeding it. Normally, bears have a natural fear of us but feeding the bear accustomed it to the smell of humans, associating them with food.

It is illegal in most New England states to feed bears. The Housatonic bear apparently traveled to Route 41, where a man went to a garbage container and issued him a death sentence with his gun. If the bear seemed as aggressive as was reported, the first act should have been to call MassWildlife.

When shooting these animals by residents becomes the norm it could pose more danger than the bears themselves. Hunting is legal in posted areas only.

Let us act with common sense before bear shooting becomes a dangerous norm.

Marie Lavinio,

Barbara Palumbo,



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