Letter: Use Trump's golfing money to aid poor

To the editor:

President Trump is the most expensive president our taxpayers have ever had to support. His documented travels show that he has made at least 14 Air Force One golfing flights from Washington, D.C. to his private Florida golf course at Mar-a-Lago. According to Google, each flight has cost our beleaguered taxpayers $3 million each for a total so far of $42 million for Trump to play golf at his private club. And the year isn't over yet.

His frequent Air Force One vacation flights to his private golf club in Florida are so expensive because of some of the following reasons:

In addition to the cost of the Boeing 747 for Air Force One, the Air Force also has to supply additional large cargo aircraft to haul the many limousines, the Marine helicopter and the dozens of Secret Service personnel needed to guard President Trump.

By comparison, when President Obama took a vacation, he flew to Martha's Vineyard where he played golf at a modest cost to our taxpayers. Perhaps President Trump might learn a thing or two from Obama about the art of saving money.

I would prefer seeing Trump's travel money transferred to fund medical needs and food for the poor instead.

This might place Trump in the proud position of being a life-saver instead of being the most expensive president in our nation's history.

William H. Weigle,



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