Letter: 'Vote - For Susan' project has an ambitious agenda

To the editor:          

As the May 8 editorial in The Eagle so eloquently proclaimed, Adams' "favorite daughter," Susan B. Anthony (1820-1906), still has much to teach her town and her nation. Quite simply: LET'S VOTE! As Anthony well understood, this powerful privilege, easily exercised, is the heart and soul of any true democracy.

The Vote—For Susan (VFS) campaign is grateful to The Eagle for its editorial and to Benjamin Cassidy for his description of our effort to get out the vote (Eagle, May 6). Thanks, too, to all those who wore buttons and ribbons, displayed lawn signs, and attended forums, as well as to the Adams Suffrage Centennial Celebration Committee for its encouragement. And a special shout-out to everyone who voted. Although VFS fell short of its 30 percent goal, Adams bested its town election turnout from the last three years. Of the 17 town meeting member slots that went begging last year, 10 have now been filled, in part because the VFS initiative increased the visibility of this important office and urged write-in votes in precincts where candidates were wanting.

Now VFS looks forward to the Nov. 6 statewide election. Our expectations are high: a 50-percent turnout of all registered voters in Adams. You'll be hearing more from us as autumn rolls around. Meanwhile, if you want more information about our ongoing initiative, please sign up for our email list at voteforsusan2020@gmail.com or follow us on Facebook (vote for susan project).

Linda Smith Rhoads,

Virginia Phelps Duval,

Juliette Wilk-Chaffee,


The authors are members of the Steering Committee, Vote—For Susan Project.


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