Letter: Warren brought issue of ancestry on herself

To the editor:

If Trump has made one mistake it is to call Elizabeth Warren "Pocahontas." She was a true American hero, which Sen. Warren is not.

My wife's father was of French-Canadian stock, and, as was quite common, some of his ancestors had Native American wives. Accordingly, my wife has always proudly told this family history. But she has more than oral stories to go by. There are photographs.

Sen. Warren has offered nothing to back up what she says about Native American heritage. She refuses to get a DNA test, or perhaps she didn't like the result of one she took already. In a recent letter, Richard Henneberry asserts that the "$99 test," which many people have used, and which The Eagle has suggested, is unreliable, and would not resolve this issue (Eagle, March 10). I don't know about its reliability, but my wife did the $99 test and it is true that the particular ancestry "Native American" is not directly measured by that test. This is because too few people of that type have contributed their DNA. Maybe Sen. Warren can spring for a $250 test that might do better.

Anyway, being wrong about one's ancestry is not a crime, and would not, in itself, be a political handicap. It is the manner in which Sen. Warren has handled the situation that is reprehensible. Most notably there is documentary evidence that she claimed Native American ancestry in her job application to Harvard at a time when Harvard was under pressure to increase diversity of its staff. Warren denies that the claim helped her get the job. That hard-to-swallow denial is her real problem.

By the way, it is reported that former Governor Deval Patrick might run for president, in which case he could face Elizabeth Warren in the primary. Because Massachusetts is such a blue state my only chance to cast a meaningful vote is in the Democratic primary. Although I never voted for him, Deval Patrick is the model for what I wish all Democrats were.

So, if you are keeping score — it's Patrick 1, Warren 0.

Ed Dartford,



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