Letter: We are lucky to have BMC and its fine staff

To the editor:

I found myself in the ER last week in very, very bad shape. I had to have emergency surgery later that evening, and was not at my best, to be sure. The staff at the hospital was beyond wonderful. I must have encountered a couple of dozen over 24 hours, every one of them was competent, pleasant, willing to tell me what was going on and watching to see what I needed and really wasn't able to ask for.

I have never been in a situation like this before, and it is wonderful to know that we have a fine facility in our community, ready to do whatever is necessary. I most particularly noticed how willing the staff was to work with each other, take over something so some other item could be seen to. The good feelings they engendered were very important to me, in my condition.

The staff members at BMC are dedicated, committed people with many different skills they are making available to patients. We are lucky to have them.

Caroline Young,



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