Letter: We can do more with recycling

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To the editor:

As a resident of Pittsfield, I am very grateful to reside in a neighborhood where recycling is available and recycling receptacles are provided by my landlord. It is my opinion that recycling is one of the great joys of modernity. The more materials that can be repurposed, the more a healthier environment can be inspired, which is so needed at this time in history.

It is also my opinion that recycling should be made available easily and perhaps even mandatory in all neighborhoods in Pittsfield and neighborhoods around the country. Then, I think that all other non-reusable trash such as food items should be turned in to a pur e of liquid and dumped in to forests to feed the land, or the ocean, with limitations. Landfills are a major eyesore in America, and I feel that there is much more that needs to and could be done to reduce trash production in the United States.

Jennifer Gorson,




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