Letter: We must rid ourselves of the shame of Trump

To the editor:

A colleague in the field of political psychology said recently that struggling countries suffer from three serious deficits: a democracy deficit, a development deficit and a dignity deficit. Of these, he said, most critical was every human being's need for dignity. Now, with one sentence, our president has added to the humiliation of people in many troubled countries and gravely wounded our own dignity in the process.

Some who voted for Donald Trump did so because you felt your dignity was under assault from many of us on the other side. We understand that now, just as many of you understand the tragedy of leadership unfolding before our eyes.

In the arm-in-arm spirit of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., I dearly hope that we can come together — from across the political spectrum and in whatever ways our democracy allows — to rid ourselves of the shame Donald Trump and his corrupt or cowardly enablers have brought to our country, and restore a measure of dignity for all of us.

M. Gerard Fromm,



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