Letter: Welcome signs lead to a strong economy

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To the editor:

Dear President Trump:

I am writing this from a caf with a huge sign that reads "No matter where you're from, we're glad you're our neighbor." It is written in Spanish, English, and Arabic. The caf is located in Western Massachusetts, ground zero for The Bill of Rights.

Your words to prospective immigrants that "our country is full" left off a couple of words. I believe you meant that the "country is full of welcoming people and it's a hotbed of innovation."

My family is of similar heritage as yours, Scottish and German. My family was here at least a hundred years earlier than yours. We didn't put up a "no vacancy" sign in 1885 when the first of your family arrived even though several wars had already been fought. I'm glad we didn't. Your uncle, John Trump, used radiation to fight cancers and your father was a successful businessperson.

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As only the second first lady to be born outside the U.S. and the first from a non-English country, Melania is a great example of a successful immigrant. In fact, she and my wife immigrated around the same time. I am glad that Presidents Clinton and Bush didn't hang the "no vacancy" sign or we wouldn't have our wives.

Your campaign mentioned the wall but you also talked about "winning so much that we would get tired of winning." So far your economic policies have let people "win" by keeping the cash flow on their payroll withholdings for an average of eight months. Soon, most people will realize that the "winning" was just a short-term loan that is now due. Accounting tricks aren't sustainable.

Instead of precluding business growth with stricter immigration, please grow the economy with smarter people in important positions like you promised. Every time I see a "help wanted" sign, I see a sign that converts your "no vacancy" sign to a "vacancy" sign.

You were elected primarily because people fantasized about a businessperson being able to run the country. As the owner of this caf knows, growing, sustainable businesses are welcoming. Please help make our country as welcoming as it was in 1885. The economy will thank you.

Huff Templeton III,



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